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Leaf Blower Comparison Feature


Each leaf blower on our website can be compared with others using the Compare button that you can find on each product page as well as in the search results and the listing pages.

Clicking on this button will result in the leaf blower being added to the comparison table.
You need to add at least two blowers to start the comparison and there is no limit to the amount of leaf blowers than can be compared.

Once a leaf blower is added, you’ll see a scale icon appear on the right side of the page. Once this icon indicates that you have at least two products to compare, click on it to launch the comparison!

Leaf Blower Spec Charts

Get Detailed Stats

Our product pages provide you with detailed specifications and statistics on each leaf blower.

Besides specs that are common to each blower (such as CFM and MPH), cordless blowers have information about their battery (autonomy, voltage…), gas blowers¬†about their engine (cycles, displacement…), leaf vacuums¬†regarding their mulching ability, etc.

Each product page contains dynamic charts comparing the key aspects of the leaf blower to similar blowers. You’ll always be able to see at first glance how well the blower performs against others of the same type or of the same brand.

Leaf Blower Spec Charts
Leaf Blower Price Tracking Chart

Track Prices

We’d all love to get the best leaf blower for our money. That’s why, twice a day, we monitor the price of each product.

Via our handy “Price History” feature, you’ll be able to quickly see if it’s the best moment to buy the leaf blower of your choice for the best price.

If you feel that it’s not quite the right moment, we suggest using our following feature.

Leaf Blower Price Drop Email Alert

Get Price Alerts

Do you want to buy the leaf blower of your choice at the best possible price? We’ll help you do just that!

Simply click on “Set Price Alert”, enter your email address as well as the price you wish to pay for your blower, and we’ll send you an email whenever it reaches your target price.

Leaf Blower Price Drop Email Alert
Leaf Blower Price Comparison

Find The Best Deal

Make sure you buy your leaf blower at the best price!

We offer you a price comparison of some of the most reliable and trustworthy online sellers.

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You can compare as many blowers as you wish. However, for the best results, we recommend you to compare only 2 blowers at a time.