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PatrickHi, I’m Patrick. I’m the manager and editor of leafblowerguide.com. I had worked 10 years for a well-known global company manufacturing power tools before starting my own landscaping business in 2012. Before using leaf blowers on an almost daily basis, I played an important part in their manufacturing.

A few years ago, a couple of colleagues and I realized how daunting it is to scour the web for tiny bits of information, often going through dozens of different websites to finally get all the facts you need to make a purchase decision. This is exactly what we want to help you with.

We want to provide you with a source of information that is so comprehensive that you need not to check another leaf blower website.

Therefore, I have decided to share my insights with you and to help you make the best decision if you’re looking to buy the best leaf blower for your budget.

For this purpose, besides our powerful comparison tool and all the highly detailed specs available on each product page, I wrote a few handy guides that you can access from the website menu.

About This Site

This website was created with the following goals in mind: to give you real user reviews (we filter out all the spammy reviews), to become the go-to place for people interested in buying a new leaf blower, to give explanations on how to maintain your new tool and to give you unprecedented means of comparing leaf blowers.

Unless otherwise stated, and to remain impartial, we do not personally review the leaf blowers that you can find on this website.

We have created a huge database containing all the specs of each leaf blower and we are comparing their performances with the help of a proprietary algorithm.

Although we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy (and no website can pretend to do so), we strive to provide the best experience possible and to adjust any misleading or inaccurate information.

We hope that you will enjoy going through LeafBlowerGuide.com just as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Should you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us.

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