Attachments to Supercharge Your Leaf Blower

Love them or hate them, leaf blowers can make life easier. But, fresh out of the box, some of them might not be as versatile as we thought without additional accessories.

Those of us who decided to dedicate our time to more fulfilling activities, rather than raking leaves or manually cleaning gutters while perched on a wobbly extension ladder, understand the importance of our leaf labor-saving device, and the ability to get the most out of it.

Attachments available for most American leaf blower models include nozzles, all the parts of gutter cleaning kits, collection bags, shoulder straps, and leaf collection systems.

There is most likely an attachment out there that will fit your needs whether your leaf blower is gas-powered, corded, cordless, handheld or a backpack.

Gutter Cleaning Kits

Picture of a leaf blower gutter cleaning kit

Gutter cleaning kits often include several tubes and accessories

With a gutter cleaning kit, no longer do we have to climb up a wobbly extension ladder to clear wet decomposing leaves out of difficult to reach places by hand. Nearly every major corporation supplying their own model of leaf blower also sells kits for cleaning those hard-to-reach gutters. Take a look at our gutter cleaning guide for more information, including safety tips, on how blowing out your gutters can be right for you.

Gutter cleaning kits typically come with a certain number of tubes. Depending on the manufacturer (Black+Decker, Husqvarna, Toro, etc.), the number of tubes can vary from 2 all the way to 6. They can be easily assembled onto your machine by twisting, screwing in, or locking them in place. Some kits come with a hooked, or U-shaped nozzle and an extension tube for the user to clean the gutters from the safety of the ground.

Kits for clearing leaves and debris from your gutters may also include a leaf collection bag. Leaf collection bags usually come as a standard accessory with blower vacs, and provide the user with an easy way to collect unwanted leaves. These collection bags make for a tidier and altogether quicker method of leaf disposal.

A shoulder strap may also be available in a gutter cleaning kit, which can help you support your blower comfortably.


Picture of three different nozzles

Nozzles exist in different shapes and sizes

Leaf blowers can be assessed based on a rating system either for MPH (miles per hour) or CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is explained more in depth in this CFM VS. MPH guide. The shape and size of a nozzle can slightly affect the speed at which air exits from a leaf blower, both with their benefits for different situations.

  • Round-shaped nozzles: These are the common default shape for attachments. Varying in diameter up to 5 or 6 inches, these nozzles get the job done. Anyone is able to clear unwanted leaves off their lawn or sidewalk quickly and thoroughly.
  • Flare-tipped/flattened nozzles: ‘Flare’-tipped or flattened nozzles are also a great attachment for your leaf blower. The tip of this attachment is flattened out, so it creates a wider exit at the end of the tube. Great for efficiently clearing at a short distance between you and the leaves.
  • U-shaped nozzles: As is mentioned in the section above on gutter cleaning kits, there is also a U-shaped nozzle which you can twist, screw onto, or lock in place to the end of an extension tube in order to blow your gutters out while standing on safely on the ground below.

Extension Tubes

Extension tubes are important attachments usually featured only in connection with gutter cleaning kits, but they’re still worth mentioning even if you don’t plan on using your blower for that task.

Whether sold with a kit or sold as a separate attachment, extension tube lengths can vary from model to model. Depending on the manufacturer, the length can vary from 90 inches to 12 feet.

Collection Bags

Picture of two differently shaped leaf collection bags

Leaf collection bags exist in different shapes, materials and capacities

Most major brands of leaf blower have models that can function as vacuums for leaves and debris. Many of these models feature a mulcher which chops up leaves and other plant waste as they’re being vacuumed into the machine. Mulching like this can help with your composting efforts, and bags like these can make it that much easier to help the environment.

Made out of materials such as cotton and felt, collection bags can be opened and sealed with a zipper or draw cord.

The use of one of these bags is straightforward and easy, allowing the user to be neat about disposing of leaves, mulch, and other debris. In addition to mulching, if you don’t want to waste your leaves, you can also check these ways to give them a second life.

Some bags come with a strap for easy and comfortable transport from the garage to the curb.

Shoulder Straps

Separate from the straps for collection bags, there are also straps you can buy just for the blower.

Considered more of an accessory, these straps are sold as attachments for backpack and handheld units. They provide support for the blower so that the user can hold it in a comfortable position.

Leaf Collection Systems

Picture of a man vacuuming leaves into a trash can

With a leaf collection system, you can vacuum leaves directly into your trash can

Leaf collection systems can save you even more time when vacuuming leaves, as they can deposit leaves directly into your trash can. They work mostly exclusively with handheld devices.

Some manufacturers may offer these systems for their own blowers, but it is possible to find universal leaf collection systems that should fit your own unit, regardless of its brand.

No tool is usually required, as they simply consist of a hose connected to a cover, which attaches easily to the top of any standard circular trash can.


Leaf blower owners have a healthy number of options to choose from when it comes to attachments for their units. Enough worth mentioning, but not so many as to cause confusion.

Whether you want a kit to make cleaning gutters safer and more fun, or just need a strap for the bag that already came with your unit, there’s bound to be something you could use to improve your leaf blasting experience.

Is there any attachment that you consider a “must-have”? Let us know in the comments below!


What attachments can I add to my blower?

Depending on the type of your leaf blower, you may find additional nozzles, gutter cleaning attachments, extension tubes, shoulder straps, and leaf collection bags/systems.


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