Dewalt DCBL590X2 Spec Sheet

The Dewalt DCBL590X2 is a cordless backpack leaf blower delivering 450 CFM at 142 MPH. It features a 7.5 Ah 40 V Li-ion battery. (Read full specs)

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Features and Specifications

Type Cordless
Handling Backpack
CFM Up to 450
MPH Up to 142
Blowing Force N/A
Make N/A
Amp 7.5 Ah
Voltage 40 V
Speed settings Variable
Battery Li-ion
Autonomy 15 mins
Throttle positionTube
Vacuum No
Battery included 2
Weight 27 lbs
Noise rating 63 dB
Tube length N/A
Warranty 3 years

Unlike many websites, we did our best to research each of the specs above. That being said, we are not immune to making the occasional mistake or omission. Should you notice any missing or incorrect values, don't hesitate to suggest improvements so we can address the issue. Should you wish more detailed specs on the Dewalt DCBL590X2, the user manual is available here (opens in a new tab).


The DEWALT Backpack Blower features a brushless motor and two 40V 7.5Ah batteries giving you the power to move debris with 450 CFM of air volume at 142 MPH with extended runtime. The control handle features a battery switch that enables you to select which battery to draw energy from or to lock off the tool for transport or storage. The handle also includes a full variable speed trigger and a speed lock that is activated and deactivated with the push of a button. At only 63 dB(A), the backpack blower is compliant with noise-restricted regions and ideal for working on noise-sensitive properties.

Overview of the Dewalt DCBL590X2

  • Power: This cordless leaf blower has a maximum air volume rating of 450 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and an air speed rating of 142 MPH.
  • Power delivery: The blower is battery-operated, so the operator won’t need to worry about getting tripped up by pesky cords when they’re busy getting work done.
  • Battery: Its 7.5 Ah 40 V Li-ion battery (2 batteries included) offers an autonomy of 15 minutes on a full charge.
  • Handling: This blower’s backpack functionality makes make it less exerting on the user, even when used for an extended period of time. Its throttle is located on the tube, which allows you to keep your left hand free. However, for a electric backpack blower, the Dewalt DCBL590X2 is heavier than most, weighing 27 lbs.
  • Speed Settings: Thanks to its variable speed settings, the Dewalt DCBL590X2 allows precise control of the air output.
  • Noise: Its noise rating of 63 dB can be considered the standard for similar electric backpack blowers.

The Dewalt DCBL590X2's performance versus other blowers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea how the key specs of the Dewalt DCBL590X2 compare with similar leaf blowers.

  • The air speed of the Dewalt DCBL590X2 maxes out at 142 MPH. While more than adequate for many jobs, its air speed is below average among other electric backpack blowers (the one expelling air at the fastest speed being the Poulan Pro PRBP675i with 150 MPH).
  • As this unit is rated at 450 CFM (cubic feet per minute), it expells less air than most electric backpack blowers (the biggest expelled air volume belonging to the Poulan Pro PRBP675i with 675 CFM).
  • Users can expect an autonomy of 15 minutes from its battery, which means the DCBL590X2 won't run as long as many other cordless backpack units before needing to be plugged in (the one with the best autonomy being the Dewalt DCBL590X1 with up to 40 minutes of runtime).

Price comparison

As you can see from this interactive chart, when compared to other electric backpack blowers, the Dewalt DCBL590X2 is on the expensive side of the price range.

While certainly not the cheapest of its kind, purchasing it could most likely also mean enjoying the reliability of a high-end product.

The bottom line

  • The Dewalt DCBL590X2 doesn't have any specs that exceed those of other leaf blowers of its class.
  • Acceptable noise (63 dB)
  • On the expensive side
  • Quite heavy (27 lbs)
  • Low CFM (450 CFM)
  • Low MPH (142 MPH)
  • Low autonomy (15 mins)

Do you own the Dewalt DCBL590X2 and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

About Dewalt

DeWalt is a subsidiary of the Stanley Black & Decker Corporation, a major global tool & hardware manufacturer. DeWalt made its name selling woodworking machines in 1923. Since then, it has expanded its catalog to over 1,000 tools and accessories, including its top-of-the-line electric power tools that first hit the market in 1992. DeWalt stands behind its slogan, “Guaranteed Tough,” offering heavy-duty tools and accessories capable of performing reliably for home and professional users alike.

Warranty Information

The Dewalt DCBL590X2 is covered under a warranty for up to 3 years. This warranty may not cover all parts of the blower.
For more information about the warranty of Dewalt blowers, please consult Dewalt's warranty policies. Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-800-4-DEWALT (800-433-9258).

Questions & Answers

QWhat is the difference between the DCBL590X1 and the DCBL590X2?

AThey are exactly the same, except that the DCBL590X1 comes with 1 battery instead of 2.

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