Echo PB-250LN Spec Sheet

The Echo PB-250LN is a gas-powered handheld leaf blower delivering 391 CFM at 165 MPH. It features a 2-cycle 25.4 cc engine.

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Features and Specifications


Type Gas-Powered
Handling Handheld
CFM Up to 391
MPH Up to 165
Blowing Force 13 N


Make N/A
Engine Displacement 25.4 cc
Strokes 2
Fuel/oil Ratio 50:1
Speed Settings Variable


Cordless Yes
Fuel Tank 16.9 fl. oz.
Vacuum No
Mulcher No


Weight 9.5 lbs
Noise Rating 65 dB
Tube Length N/A
Warranty 5 years

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Overview of the Echo PB-250LN

  • Power: The PB-250LN gas-powered blower, manufactured by Echo, is rated for a max air volume of 391 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a max air speed of 165 MPH.
  • Handling: For those who are looking for a portable and convenient leaf blower, this model is a strong candidate. It’s designed for easy handling and use, and its size means it’s easily carried and stored. Among other gas-powered handheld blowers, the Echo PB-250LN can be considered light, weighing only 9.5 lbs.
  • Engine: The blower is fitted with a 25.4 cc engine. Please note that, because the Echo PB-250LN’s engine is a 2-cycle one, it runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline. According to Echo, the proper fuel mixture ratio for this blower is 50:1.
  • Speed Settings: Thanks to its variable speed settings, the Echo PB-250LN allows precise control of the air output.
  • Noise: With a decibel rating of 65 dB, the PB-250LN is neither louder nor quieter than its rivals in the gas-powered handheld category.
  • Fuel Tank: With a capacity of 16.9 fl. oz., this Echo blower is average when compared to other gas-powered handheld leaf blowers.

Product Videos

The Echo PB-250LN's performance versus other blowers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea how the key specs of the Echo PB-250LN compare with similar leaf blowers.

  • Forced air leaving this blower’s nozzle has been clocked at 165 MPH. That makes the PB-250LN average in terms of air speed for gas-powered handheld blowers (the one expelling air at the fastest speed being the Poulan Pro PPBV25 with 230 MPH).
  • Its max air volume rating (391 cubic feet per minute) means it is really not the biggest air producer of gas-powered handheld leaf blowers (the biggest expelled air volume belonging to the Troy-Bilt TB2MB JET with 650 CFM).

Price comparison

As you can see from this dynamic chart, when compared to other gas handheld blowers, the Echo PB-250LN is on the average side of the price range.

Therefore, this blower nicely fits in the expected budget for this kind of product.

The bottom line

  • In the expected price range
  • Lightweight (9.5 lbs)
  • Decent Tank (16.9 fl. oz.)
  • Acceptable Noise (65 dB)
  • Decent MPH (165 MPH)
  • Low CFM (391 CFM)

Do you own the Echo PB-250LN and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

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About Echo

ECHO Inc. was founded in Northbrook, IL, in 1972 (originally known as Kioritz Corporation of America). Throughout its 40-year history, ECHO has made a name for itself by striving to exceed industry standards with its high-quality, technologically superior outdoor equipment. They offer a full line of outdoor power tools and products, the majority of which are built in the United States.

Warranty Information

The Echo PB-250LN is covered under a warranty for up to 5 years. This warranty may not cover all parts of the blower.
For more information about the warranty of Echo blowers, please consult Echo's warranty policies. Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-800-432-ECHO (3246).

Echo PB-250LN
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  1. 3.25

    I have purchased two Echo blowers PB-250-LN. Had no problem with the first one. Second one after about a year, the plastic recoil spring holder broke. Warranty repair would have cost me more than repairing it myself. This basically is a good product, but the plastic used here is a no no. Too much stress for plastic. However, I did just buy a PB-2520 for my grandson as well as one of the string trimmers. Please do not cut quality in critical areas like the recoil spring holder.

    + PROS: Basically a good product
    - CONS: Low quality plastic of the recoil spring holder
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