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Below, you'll find a list of all our 6 EGO leaf blowers (they are all electric).

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Great power


ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: N/A
Amp: 28 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 130Weight: 5.95 lbs
CFM: Up to 6005 Speeds
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ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 40 mins
Amp: 5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 142Weight: 9.68 lbs
CFM: Up to 575Variable Speed
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ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 60 mins
Amp: 2.5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 110Weight: 9.8 lbs
CFM: Up to 530Variable Speed
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ElectricCordless: Yes
BackpackAutonomy: 30 mins
Amp: 7.5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 145Weight: 12.96 lbs
CFM: Up to 600Variable Speed
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ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 75 mins
Amp: 2.5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 92Weight: 5 lbs
CFM: Up to 4803 Speeds
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High Autonomy


ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 180 mins
Amp: 5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 168Weight: 9.6 lbs
CFM: Up to 580Variable Speed
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About EGO

Ego Power+ is somewhat of a mysterious company, owned by a larger Chinese agglomerate Chervon, which is based in Hong Kong, yet has branched out throughout the entire world. Ego Power+ presents itself as a semi-independent company and claims that their roots can be traced back to 1993, though officially the brand exists under its current name only since 2013. It can be speculated that the earlier operation refers to some minor nameless Chinese manufacturing facility, which was bought and branded by Chervon, however, there are no sources to confirm that as a fact.

Never less, the company claims to reach 10 million customers in 65 different countries each year, which would make them one of the largest power tool manufacturers in the world. The company claims to value innovation, environment, power and comfort, all of which is reflected in the design of their devices.

Ego Power+ product selection is comprised of various power tools, such as chains saws, mowers, or trimmers, all of which are electrically powered by their own patented 56 V arc lithium ion batteries. Interestingly, the batteries are mounted on the device externally and thus, can be freely removed, exchanged and charged separately in an Ego Power+ custom made charger.

The company claims that thanks to this design choice, their power tools are cheaper, quieter, less expensive and oddly enough, their users are unlikely to suffer hand-arm vibration syndrome.

This bold design choice is a signature feature of Ego Power+ and is indicative of their overall approach to product design. Both aesthetically and functionally, Ego Power+ power tools are reminiscent of sci-fi weapons, rather than mere lawn maintenance devices.

Ego Power+ features a wide selection of leaf blowers, all of which are powered electrically and are cordless. Most of their blowers are handheld, though their range has been widened by a recent addition of a backpack leaf blower. None of the Ego Power+ leaf blowers function as a leaf vacuum, and consequently do not feature a mulcher. However, they are superb in raw power, outright outperforming most of the electric blowers currently on the market in terms of CFM and most importantly autonomy, which reaches up to 175 minutes in some models. This is reflected in their pricing, as Ego Power+ blowers fall into the upper middle to upper tier.

Thus, even though Ego Power+ is a brand with an unclear history, which comes off suspicious at best, their products certainly do make up for it.

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