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Homelite UT42100B

Homelite UT42100B

ElectricCordless: No
HandheldVacuum: No
Amp: 7 AmpWeight: 4.1 lbs
MPH: Up to 150Noise: 65 dB
CFM: Up to 2332 Speeds
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Homelite UT09526

Homelite UT09526

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
HandheldWeight: 9.6 lbs
Engine: 26 ccNoise: 75 dB
MPH: Up to 150Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 400
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Homelite UT26HBV

Homelite UT26HBV

Gas-PoweredVacuum: Yes
HandheldMulcher: Yes
Engine: 26 ccWeight: 9.5 lbs
MPH: Up to 150Noise: 75 dB
CFM: Up to 400Variable Speed
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About Homelite

The Homelite Corporation, shortly known as Homelite, is an American power equipment manufacturer, most well known for its iconic, red chainsaws. Homelite Corp. was founded back in 1921 as the Home Electric Lighting Company, and produced almost exclusively portable generators, which aided both civilians and the troops. Postwar, the company expanded with the invention of the first modern chainsaw, of which they were and quite possibly still are the largest manufacturers. However, Homelite manufactures other power tools as well, including leaf blowers. The company is nowadays a subsidiary of Techtronic, under which it has shifted its portfolio to include almost exclusively lawn equipment. Homelite products are reported to be manufactured mainly in China.

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