Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 Spec Review

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 is a lightweight cordless handheld leaf blower delivering 500 CFM at 120 MPH. It features a 4 Ah 24 V Li-ion battery. (Read full specs)

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Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 500 CFM Cordless BlowerKobalt KHB 4224A-03 500 CFM Cordless Blower
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Features and Specifications

Type Cordless
Handling Handheld
CFM Up to 500
MPH Up to 120
Blowing Force N/A
Voltage24 V
Speed settings Variable
Battery Li-ion
Autonomy 50 mins
Vacuum No
Battery included 1
Weight (w/ battery)5.4 lbs
Weight (tool only)3.7 lbs
Noise rating N/A
Warranty 5 years

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Overview of the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 in use

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03

  • Power: The KHB 4224A-03 is a cordless blower made by Kobalt. It has a maximum air speed of 120 MPH and its nozzle can expel a max air volume of 500 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • Power delivery: This blower has a brushless, battery-operated motor. Thus, the user won’t have to worry about tripping over pesky cords when they’re busy working their lawn.
  • Battery: It has a 4 Ah 24 V Li-ion battery (1 KB 424-03 battery included) that should work reliably for up to 50 minutes if completely charged.
  • Handling: For those who are looking for a portable and convenient leaf blower, this model is a strong candidate. It’s designed for easy handling and use, and its size means it’s easily carried and stored. Among other cordless handheld blowers, the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 can be considered light, weighing only 5.4 lbs, battery included.
  • Speed Settings: In order to afford more control to the user, this unit has a variable speed control. No matter the size of the job, the user can adjust the airflow of the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 to match.

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03's performance versus other blowers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea how the key specs of the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 compare with similar leaf blowers.

  • Forced air leaving this blower’s nozzle has been clocked at 120 MPH. That makes the KHB 4224A-03 average in terms of air speed for battery-operated handheld blowers. If you wish to benefit from air expelled at the fastest possible speed, the Makita XBU01PT and its 208 MPH could be an option to consider.
  • Regarding its air volume, the airflow of the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 can reach 500 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is on par with other cordless handheld blowers. If air volume is important to you, the CAT DG651, with 800 CFM, could be in your good books.
  • The KHB 4224A-03 is within the average range for cordless handheld units, offering up to 50 minutes of running time when fully charged. If autonomy is an important factor for you, the Toro 51822 can run for up to 140 minutes and could be worth considering.

Price comparison

As you can see from this interactive chart, when compared to other cordless blowers, the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 is on the cheap side of the price range.

It can therefore be a really good buy if you're looking to acquire a budget blower.

The bottom line

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight (5.4 lbs)
  • Brushless motor
  • 5 year (limited) warranty
  • Decent CFM (500 CFM)
  • Decent MPH (120 MPH)
  • Good autonomy (50 mins)
  • The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 doesn't have any notably low specs.

Do you own the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

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About Kobalt

Kobalt is an American brand launched in 1998. Kobalt is the product of a partnership between Lowe’s, a leading seller of home improvement and outdoor products, and J.H. Williams, which is one of Lowe’s primary manufacturers. As one of Lowe’s primary outdoor equipment brands, Kobalt has positioned itself to be a major competitor of Craftsman, Husky, and other similar popular brands.

Warranty Information

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 is covered under a warranty for up to 5 years. This warranty may not cover all parts of the blower.
For more information about the warranty of Kobalt blowers, please consult Kobalt's warranty policies (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-888-3-KOBALT (888-356-2258).

Questions & Answers

what is the run time of the KHB 4224A-03 (Asked May 17, 2022)

With the included 4Ah battery, runtime is up to 50 minutes on the lowest power settings, and up to 10 minutes on turbo.

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