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Picture of the Little Wonder C5 99170-06-01

Little Wonder C5 99170-06-01

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
Walk-BehindWeight: 102 lbs
Engine: 196 ccNoise: N/A
MPH: Up to 200Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 1100
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Picture of the Little Wonder C5 99170-03-01

Little Wonder C5 99170-03-01

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
Walk-BehindWeight: 102 lbs
Engine: 170 ccNoise: N/A
MPH: Up to 200Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 1100
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About Little Wonder

Little Wonder was founded back in 1922, in the United Kingdom. The company entered the market with the Little Wonder hand cranked hedge trimmer, which is believed to be the first landscaping tool of its kind. Amusingly, the product was most popular in the pasta industry, for its superb maneuverability and sharpness – ideal for cutting pasta into stripes. The brand was later acquired by Schiller-Pfeiffer and in 1935, moved its headquarters to the US, where they remain to this day. The company began manufacturing electrically powered versions of their hedge trimmers as early as 1940 and later, only in 1955 added gasoline alternatives. Little Wonder has been producing these devices ever since.

The company took a left turn in 1998 and applied for a patent for their innovative walk-behind leaf blower design – a product which the company is nowadays most famous for. By this step, Little Wonder singlehandedly revolutionized existing methods of groundskeeping. The company unexpectedly found itself straight at the top of the food chain in this specific area of the leaf blower market.

Little Wonder provides a wide selection of lawn maintenance equipment, with the most notable being trimmers and leaf blowers. The designs of most of their devices are based around the walk-behind pattern, rather than hand-held, except for the afore mentioned trimmers, which remain a minor part of the company’s portfolio, mainly due to their significant role in the company’s history.

Little Wonder blowers are exclusively operated as push devices. Their product selection can be divided into 3 subsections: The C5 blower – A light, less expensive and user-friendly model; the Optimax – A heavy-duty, professional tool; and the Optimax self-propelled blower, which is a pricier version of Optimax blower, designed to reduce users’ fatigue by utilizing air’s kinetic energy for movement. The device reaches up to 4.1 MPH without any force applied by the user (other than turning the power switch on).

Pricewise, the cost of these blowers varies from quite to very expensive, depending on the model. C5 blowers can be purchased for a reasonable sum and are targeted towards casual consumers. Optimax blowers are, on the other hand, purely professional devices, intended for groundskeeping of large properties, which are unmanageable with walk-behind blowers. Their prices can reach up to several thousand US dollars.

All the afore mentioned devices are gas powered and none of them function as blower vacs. However, Little Wonder features a range of debris vacuums, which are specifically marketed as leaf vacuums. Unlike products listed on our site as blower vacs, they DO NOT have the ability to blow leaves.

In summary, Little Wonder is a company with a rich history of reliable and innovative products. While there were and are many challengers in the walk behind leaf blower sector, Little Wonder blowers arguably remain the superb choice in this field.

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