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Remington BRAVE™ RM125

Remington BRAVE™ RM125

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
HandheldWeight: 9.71 lbs
Engine: 25 ccNoise: 73 dB
MPH: Up to 180Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 450
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Remington RM4030

Remington RM4030

ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 25 mins
Amp: 2.5 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 135Weight: 8 lbs
CFM: Up to 415Variable Speed
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Remington MULCHINATOR™ RM1300

Remington MULCHINATOR™ RM1300

ElectricCordless: No
HandheldVacuum: Yes
Amp: 12 AmpMulcher: Yes
MPH: Up to 150Weight: 10 lbs
CFM: Up to 3502 Speeds
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Remington HERO™ RM430

Remington HERO™ RM430

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
HandheldWeight: 10 lbs
Engine: 25 ccNoise: 72 dB
MPH: Up to 200Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 430
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Remington AMBUSH™ RM2BV

Remington AMBUSH™ RM2BV

Gas-PoweredVacuum: Yes
HandheldMulcher: Yes
Engine: 27 ccWeight: 10 lbs
MPH: Up to 205Noise: 74 dB
CFM: Up to 450Variable Speed
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Remington SLINGER™ RM2BP

Remington SLINGER™ RM2BP

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
BackpackWeight: 17 lbs
Engine: 27 ccNoise: 73 dB
MPH: Up to 150Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 445
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Remington AMBUSH™ RM2BL

Remington AMBUSH™ RM2BL

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
HandheldWeight: 10.5 lbs
Engine: 27 ccNoise: 74 dB
MPH: Up to 205Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 450
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About Remington

Remington was founded in 1921 by Arthur Mall in his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The one-man operation focused on production of gas and electrically powered power tools. The company has further expanded throughout the US. However, it remains one of the smaller manufacturers to this day. Leaf blowers have been added to Remington’s portfolio in the 1990’s. Their selection is comprised predominantly of handheld blowers, many of which are cordless and function as leaf vacuums. Pricewise, Remington leaf blowers fall into the middle tier. Remington products are manufactured both in the US and Mexico.

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