Stihl BR 450 C-EF - 642 CFM Gas Backpack Blower

The Stihl BR 450 C-EF is a gas-powered backpack leaf blower delivering 642 CFM at 221 MPH. It features a 2-cycle 63.3cc engine. (Read full specs)

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Stihl BR 450 C-EF 642 CFM Gas Backpack BlowerStihl BR 450 C-EF 642 CFM Gas Backpack Blower
According to Stihl's Internet Sales Policy (opens in a new tab), it is not possible to ship a NEW Stihl product in the USA. The only way to get the Stihl BR 450 C-EF shipped to your place is to get it second hand or refurbished on eBay. Online stores such as Acme Tools (link below) may allow online purchase and in-store pickup of Stihl products.

Features and Specifications

Type Gas-Powered
Handling Backpack
CFM Up to 642
MPH Up to 221
Blowing Force 28 N
Make 2-Mix
Engine displacement 63.3cc
Strokes 2
Fuel/oil ratio 50:1
Speed settings Variable
Throttle positionTube
Cruise controlYes
Fuel tank 57.5 fl. oz.
Vacuum No
Weight 25.4 lbs
Noise rating 77 dB
Warranty 2 years

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The hassle of starting and stopping backpack blowers is a reality for professional landscapers. The STIHL BR 450 C-EF backpack blower with Electric Start changes all that. No more idling while walking to the next job or removing the unit to restart. And once it’s started, you can expect tremendous blowing power – exceeding that of BR 550. With a large fuel tank, semi-automatic choke system, and easily adjustable tube length and control handle position; this is the ultimate blower for pros on the go.

Overview of the Stihl BR 450 C-EF

The Stihl BR 450 C-EF in use

The Stihl BR 450 C-EF

  • Power: The Stihl BR 450 C-EF is a gas-powered blower with a maximum air volume rating of 642 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and an air speed of 221 MPH.
  • Handling: This blower’s backpack functionality makes make it less exerting on the user, even when used for an extended period of time. Its throttle is located on the tube, which allows you to keep your left hand free. Be aware that, at 25.4 lbs, the Stihl BR 450 C-EF is on the heavier side of gas-powered backpack blowers.
  • Engine: This blower's 2-Mix engine has a displacement specification of 63.3cc. Please note that, because the Stihl BR 450 C-EF's engine is a 2-cycle one, it runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline. According to Stihl, the proper fuel mixture ratio for this blower is 50:1. You can find more information about Stihl's 2-Mix engine technology below.
  • Speed Settings: To provide more control over their job to the user, the unit has a variable speed control setting. No matter the size of the job, the user can adjust the airflow of the Stihl BR 450 C-EF to match it. On top of that, maintaining the selected speed is effortless, as it also features cruise control.
  • Noise: As far as gas-powered backpack blowers go, this one is average in terms of noise with a rating of 77 dB.
  • Fuel Tank: It has an average fuel capacity for a backpack blower, with a tank that holds around 57.5 fl. oz of fuel.
  • Electric start: The BR 450 C-EF features an electric start. Thanks to a simple press of a button on the throttle, those maintaining large properties can begin their work quickly. It also allows users to stop and start the blower while wearing it on their back.

Product Videos

The Stihl BR 450 C-EF's performance versus other blowers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea how the key specs of the Stihl BR 450 C-EF compare with similar leaf blowers.

  • Its max air speed of 221 MPH places it at the approximate midpoint in comparison to other gas-powered backpack blowers. If you wish to benefit from air expelled at the fastest possible speed, the Husqvarna 150BT and its 270 MPH could be an option to consider.
  • Regarding its air volume, the airflow of the Stihl BR 450 C-EF can reach 642 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is on par with other gas-powered backpack blowers. If air volume is important to you, the Echo PB-9010T, with 1110 CFM, could be in your good books.
According to our stats, the following comparison is pretty popular: Stihl BR 450 C-EF vs Stihl BR 600.

Price comparison

As you can see from this interactive chart, when compared to other gas backpack blowers, the Stihl BR 450 C-EF is on the average side of the price range.

Therefore, this blower nicely fits in the expected budget for this kind of product.

2-Mix Engine Technology

Stihl's 2-Mix engine is a more eco-friendly and powerful approach to the traditional 2-stroke engine. It features what Stihl calls "stratified scavenging", which simply means that a layer of air is created between the combustion chamber and the crankcase. This action allows the engine to separate fresh fuel from the exhaust, which in turn minimizes the scavenging losses and eliminates the components of the mix that pose a health and environmental hazard (compliant with European Emissions Directive, Stage II). The 2-Mix engine offers a high torque over a wide speed range, a fuel consumption up to 20% lower than conventional 2-cycle engines, and fewer harmful emissions.

The bottom line

  • In the expected price range
  • Cruise control
  • Electric start
  • 2-Mix Engine
  • Decent tank (57.5 fl. oz.)
  • Acceptable noise (77 dB)
  • Decent CFM (642 CFM)
  • Decent MPH (221 MPH)
  • Quite heavy (25.4 lbs)

Do you own the Stihl BR 450 C-EF and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

About Stihl

Stihl AG & Company KG was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926. The German company specializes in handheld outdoor power equipment. Over the past fifty years, Stihl has opened manufacturing plants in Brazil, the United States, and China. The German company’s sure and steady expansion has made it a leading provider of in the lawn, forestry, and landscape maintenance industries.

Warranty Information

The Stihl BR 450 C-EF is covered under a warranty for up to 2 years. This warranty may not cover all parts of the blower.
For more information about the warranty of Stihl blowers, please consult Stihl's warranty policies (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-800-467-8445.

Questions & Answers

How does it charge itself for the pushbutton start to work? (Asked November 5, 2022)

The battery is recharged while the blower is running.

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Stihl BR 450 C-EF
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  1. Avatar
    Dave Makielski June 13, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    Bad machine.

    Electric start worked for about a day and then was useless. Took the unit in to Ace Hardware and they said nothing was wrong with it. It again would not start with the electric start even though I would run it for at least a half hour.

    Last year it started dying after 5 to 10 minutes of use. You could start it again after about a half hour but again it would die in 5 to 10 minutes of use.

    Thoroughly unhappy with this unit and I can’t seem to get any satisfaction from Ace Hardware. Just paid 50 bucks for another repair and the unit is exactly acting the same.

    + PROS: Nice idea with the electric start but it's never worked. Even after taking it in for servicing. They told me nothing was wrong with it but it still didn't start with the electric option.
    - CONS: Just picked up the unit at my local Ace Hardware after taking it in for repair because it would run for 5 or 10 minutes and then quit. It's still doing the same darn thing. I have other Stihl equipment that works fine but I got a lemon and I'm not very happy.
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  2. 4.65

    Great product. Highly recommend getting one. Another great Stihl product.

    + PROS: Great product, electric start is so handy. Getting on the roof and push the button. The adjustable nozzle is easy to adjust as well.
    - CONS: Spark arrestor plugs quickly.
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