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Weed Eater FB25

Weed Eater FB25

Gas-PoweredVacuum: No
HandheldWeight: 8.1 lbs
Engine: 25 ccNoise: N/A
MPH: Up to 170Variable Speed
CFM: Up to 290
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Weed Eater WE12B

Weed Eater WE12B

ElectricCordless: No
HandheldVacuum: Yes
Amp: 12 AmpMulcher: No
MPH: Up to 200Weight: 8.2 lbs
CFM: Up to 3601 Speed
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Weed Eater WE7B

Weed Eater WE7B

ElectricCordless: No
HandheldVacuum: No
Amp: 7.5 AmpWeight: 6.1 lbs
MPH: Up to 150Noise: N/A
CFM: Up to 2301 Speed
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About Weed Eater

Weed Eater is a notorious power tool company with a complicated history, most well known for its green string trimmers. The company was founded in Texas, US, back in 1971 and over the years, exchanged owners several times, notably Emerson Electric, who merged them with Poulan, and Electrolux, who transferred the outdoor division under Husqvarna AB. However, green Weed Eater products can be found to this day in North America, including a strong line of mostly electric leaf blowers. Their products are unmistakable, as they feature a unique, green, alien-like design.

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