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Westinghouse 4LB4AH4BC

Westinghouse 4LB4AH4BC

ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 60 mins
Amp: 4 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 90Weight: 5.25 lbs
CFM: Up to 4002 Speeds
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Westinghouse 2LB2AH2BC

Westinghouse 2LB2AH2BC

ElectricCordless: Yes
HandheldAutonomy: 15 mins
Amp: 2 AhVacuum: No
MPH: Up to 134Weight: 2.7 lbs
CFM: Up to 2701 Speed
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About Westinghouse

The used-to-be Westinghouse Electric Corporation, yet nowadays, simply known as the Westinghouse label, is a brand of the notorious American CBS. However, Westinghouse itself, or rather the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation, traces its roots back to 1886. The electrical company has dealt in many businesses, including power tools, which were manufactured and sold under their Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment branch. These products have gained such a strong reputation, that they have retained the Westinghouse name even after the merger. While Westinghouse is most well known for its generators, their portfolio also contains a range of electric lawn equipment, including leaf blowers, powered by exchangeable batteries.

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