Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 vs Black+Decker BV5600 - The differences

Further down the page, you'll find some explanations regarding the key similarities and differences between the Black+Decker BV5600 and the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619.

But before checking out these explanations, here's a table that summarizes the main pros of each of these 2 leaf blowers:

Common specs comparison

Make & handling

  • As the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 and the Black+Decker BV5600 do not share the same manufacturer, their overall build and technology in use can vary.
  • These two products are handheld blowers and therefore will provide you with superior mobility.
  • Both products are powered electrically and will therefore provide you with a more user and environmentally friendly experience.
  • CFM & MPH

  • The Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 with the CFM of 410 slightly exceeds the 400 CFM of the Black+Decker BV5600. Thus, in comparison, you may find that the former blows leaves slightly more efficiently.
  • These two products have an identical MPH of 250, providing you with the same air speeds and in turn blowing efficacy.
  • Weight & Noise rating

  • The weight of the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619, which is 8.5 lbs, slightly exceeds the 8.1 lbs of the Black+Decker BV5600, and will therefore require you to carry around slightly more weight.
  • Both devices have a noise rating of 68 dB. They should therefore be equally demanding on the ears.
  • Other features comparison

    Vacuum ability

    Both products can be used as leaf vacuums – A convenient and less messy method of leaf disposal, which you will appreciate when dealing with piles of leaves. Additionally, Black+Decker BV5600 and Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 do contain a mulcher, performing at mulching ratios of 16:1 and 88%, turning vacuumed leaves into mulch conveniently for you.


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