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Over time, just like any other power tool, your leaf blower can start to behave oddly, or simply stop working.

While a lot of issues can be prevented with proper maintenance, some parts will inevitably deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. Most of the time, it does not really matter if you are after brand-specific replacement parts (such as Stihl, Craftsman, Toro, or Echo blower parts), as many are interchangeable between brands.

  • For gas blowers, some of the most common parts to replace include spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, carburetors, and fuel tanks.
  • For corded and cordless blowers, the parts are obviously usually more related to electricity, and include chargers, batteries, power cords, and switches.
  • Owners of backpack blowers may find themselves in need to replace their shoulder straps or their unit’s throttle.
  • For handheld blowers, the handle assembly can deteriorate over the years.
  • As walk-behind units are on wheels, these can also need replacement.

If you do not want to get back to your rake, start by troubleshooting your issue and come back to this page to search for the replacement parts you need.

Our blower part finder works the following way:

  1. Type your blower's model in the search box below.
  2. If we can find it in our database of 280 blowers (we most likely will), you'll see it appear in the results.
  3. Click on it, and we'll suggest you a list of part types your may search for this unit.
  4. By clicking on the part type of your choice, we'll automatically search popular online marketplaces for you, to try to find you relevant parts.

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